Alliance Members’ First Transportations in 2017 – from Helicopters to Khokhloma

Usually transportations between Europe and Russia stop for 3 weeks from December 22 till January 10, however ACEX members continue operations.

Thanks to joint efforts of SLS Agency, the member of ACEX in Saint Petersburg, and Optima Freight, the member of ACEX in Helsinki, the transportation of projectors was organized on the New Year eve. The project was implemented in the “dead season” between the Catholic and Orthodox Christmas.  2 pallets of expensive projectors for the Russian company, producing high-tech equipment, were successfully dispatched from Norway to Russia.

“We had to process an urgent export from Norway before New Year holidays so that the client could have closed the financial reporting in 2016, - says Eugene Apasov, the General Director of SLS Agency. - The main problem was that the supplier did not manage to put required stickers on the production in proper time and send it to the recipients’ warehouse.”

SLS Agency offered the client to stick the labels at the warehouse of Optima Freight, the member of ACEX in Helsinki, before transportation completion. In the beginning of January the projectors, as a part of LTL delivery, were dispatched to the warehouse in Helsinki, where the staff of Optima Freight put stickers on the boxes, inserted service manuals for completion of equipment. And while the whole world celebrated holidays the goods were safely delivered in Saint Petersburg at bonded warehouse.

Buro Perevozok issued the first invoice for transportation of air spare parts and equipment from North Africa to Rostov-on-Don. The transportation was executed in cooperation with Marmedsa (ACEX alliance agent) which rendered local services in Africa, and then Hapag-Lloyd delivered cargo in Rostov-on-Don via Novorossiysk. The member of ACEX in Rostov-on-Don delivers helicopters and spare parts working within the framework of the government contract.   


The first transportation of FORWARD TRANS-NN became the delivery of art products to the USA. The cargo comprised goods with Khokhloma and Gorodets painting , namely cups, spoons, dish sets. It was LCL multimodal delivery.  

Ingstad&Co, the member of ACEX in Lithuania, organized the first delivery of the furniture from Lithuania to Sweden in 2017, what is the main specialization of the company.    

LANKS in Voronezh started its business week on January 2 and continued to work as per normal. The specialists prepared data for participation in tenders and continued dispatching goods from the warehouses.

The first delivery of CARGO EPRESS (Irkutsk) is a joint project with Moscow representative office connected with the delivery of 12 tons of resuscitation beds for the regional hospital in Irkutsk. Each bed weights about 150 kg and is the high-tech equipment for the medical institutions.

The beds were sent by railway road in 1,5 carriages from Moscow to Irkutsk. The specialists of CARGO EXPRESS received the cargo on January 11 and delivered it to the destination point, as well as they implemented handling operations.

“In addition we are planning to enrich our client base, improve our software, enhance brand recognition and enlarge the truck park,” shares his plans Vladimir Boyarchuk, the head of CARGO EXPRESS (Irkutsk).

The first cargo of Optima Freight, the member of ACEX in Helsinki, was 7 boxes of nanotechnology based material for constructing cover. It traveled over the route of Hong Kong – Saint Petersburg.  The task of Optima Freight was to deliver the cargo to Finland by the end of the Russian holidays. The agent in China carried out pick up in Hong Kong and organized the airfreight delivery to Helsinki. Optima Freight delivered cargo to its warehouse. Then it was dispatched to Saint Petersburg in LCL truck where the Russian broker completed customs processing.


VST Logistic sent the equipment for mining industry in Tanzania last year.  This year the member of ACEX in Yekaterinburg continued to work under this project. The first delivery of the company was transportation of the whole container with the equipment to Tanzania by sea. At present moment the equipment weighting 1 ton is prepared for delivery by air.

The member of ACEX in Kazan started the year of 2017 with completion of tasks of the previous year. Namely, the company is finishing the project on the delivery of 200 units of trucks in Armenia. 50 units are left to be transported. The plans of PSG for 2017 are the following: to develop the office in Novorossiysk, as well as to move to a new own office in Kazan.  The colleagues are working under the concept and design, up to location of rooms and meeting room. Total area of the office is 400 sq.m.

The first cargo of multimodal department (CARGO EXPRESS, Moscow) in 2017 was the delivery of 540 kg of different registers, microchips, scanners which came to Vilnius from different countries (Belgium, Germany, Singapore). Then CARGO EXPRESS organized the delivery of goods from Vilnius to Moscow by road. The company specialists ordered a separate truck as the cargo was urgent. The client was satisfied with the rendered services and the work of CARGO EXPRESS was marked with a letter of thanks. 

The whole year is ahead, so ACEX members will have a great deal of interesting tasks and projects.

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