Good Deed in Detail

The reputation of the company depends on commitment to high ethical principles.


Delivery at Special Rates

New ACEX Members Promotions


The Russian Export Center Recommends the Delivery through ACEХ Group

ACEX Group is an accredited partner of REC and a reliable supply contractor of logistics services, which gives us certain advantages in dealing with exporters. 


ACEX Projects for World Cup 2018

Get involved into the games.


Cross by Off-Road

"A healthy mind in a healthy body"! ACEX struggled with sloppiness by using off-road run


How to Send Railway Carriage, Road Trains and Other Cargo by Sea?

Consignors often meet such questions. It is difficult to organize delivery if export is not the main type of their activity.


Circulation of Social Networks

ACEX members talk about the advantages of social networks in various business spheres.  


Happy Women's day!

Men of the Alliance from around the world congratulated beautiful ladies on the International Women's Day.


First Freights of the First Russian Alliance

The first day of the year will stand for the whole year


What Airlines and why ACEX Experts Choose

Alliance members and partners share their preferences in the choice of airlines.


CARGO EXPRESS and Hankyu Hanshin Bring White Gold to Russia

A joint project with Hankyu Hanshin Express of transportation of 200 kilos of cotton to Osaka was implemented with Japanese accuracy.


Japanese Supplements under Finnish Sauce in Russia

Incorrect marking ended in inability to pass the customs control for one of the Alliance customers but ACEX experts found the way out.


Doors to Customer are Easily Open Together

Good partnership with the international companies allows alliance to organize joint business meetings with direct cargo owners from different countries worldwide.


Extreme Sports in Logistics. Advice from the Experienced

We've offered the Alliance members to share their experience and advice on how to spend time safely but with lots of fun and positive emotions.


Shout out for ACEX!

ACEX alliance members decided to share their stories about the sports they watch, teams they support and places whey visit to shout out for their favorite teams.


Ladies from the Alliance Organized Transportation Carefully and Beautifully

Alliance experts demonstrated great teamwork of two ACEX offices in Russia during the transportation of the large-format printing plotter.


Top 10 Unusual Transportation Requests according ACEX

Alliance members speak about interesting cargo that their customers request to ship


ACEX Members Provided Exhibitions in Moscow and Dubai with Chemical Equipment

Analyzer, nanohardness tester and infrared spectrometer are in the list of equipment delivered at the professional exhibitions.


ACEX Transported Liebherr Wheel Loader in Three Languages

Joint project of ACEX and Schipco Dalian is successfully accomplished during May holidays


ACEX Participated in all-Russian Half Marathon in Moscow and Kazan

ACEX in Moscow and Kazan stand for healthy life and active life style.


ACEX Members Delivered Subaru with Ceramic Tile

CARGO EXPRESS (ACEX in Moscow) and BSSS (ACEX in Novorossiysk) can cope with any cargo put into container.


ACEX Members Delivered Indian Bolide at Formula

Agency of Customs Logistics (Togliatti) and CARGO EXPRESS (Moscow) processed temporary importation of the racing car in the territory of Russia for participation in the student competition “Formula Student-2016”.


Alliance Members’ First Transportations in 2017 – from Helicopters to Khokhloma

How did the Alliance members start the year of 2017 and which transportations became the first ones?


The First CARGO EXPRESS Delivery Project in 2017 will Help Resuscitation Patients

12 tons of resuscitation beds for the Irkutsk regional hospital were delivered jointly by CARGO EXPRESS Irkutsk and Moscow offices.


ACEX Managed to Organize Urgent Transportation during New Year Holidays

Thanks to joint efforts of SLS Agency and Optima Freight the transportation of projectors was organized on the New Year eve.


Cooperation between Russian and American ACEX Alliance Members

CARGO-EXPRESS, Moscow, and MIG Express, the USA, accomplished the project on transportation of the Russian 3D attraction.


LTL Deliveries to Tundra

Ingstad, Lithuania, and Smart Logistic Solutions, Saint Petersburg, continue to develop successful cooperation on ACEX alliance basis representing the agency partnership growth example.


CARGO-EXPRESS (Irkutsk) Delivered Baikal Seals

14 seals from the lake Baikal were sent by CARGO-EXPRESS (Irkutsk), the member of ACEX Alliance, to the dolphinarium of Primorye.


The Biggest Sapphire, Weighting 300 kg, was Sent by CARGO EXPRESS

The crystal of artificial sapphire, grown under proprietary technology of the producer, is one of the biggest crystals in the world


Distance Learning – Joint Projects with the “Logist Club”

“”, the media partner of ACEX Alliance, offers to undergo distance training in the field of transport logistics for the logistics specialists and cargo owners.  


New Uniform for London Football Club Chelsea

Delivery for new title sponsor of the famous English team -Yokohama company.


Our Specialists Can Arrange the Delivery even during an Excursion to the Hermitage Museum

New Year holidays and a rich cultural program did not prevent the Alliance members in Moscow and Lithuania from sending a time cargo  


CARGO EXPRESS and WORLD CARGO Delivered the Core of the Earth to Milan

An extraordinary cargo was sent to EXPO MILANO-2015 for President Vladimir Putin visit.


Acex Group is the Main Carrier for EXPO Milano 2015

"CARGO EXPRESS" and "World Cargo" Delivered the Best Russian Products to Italy Around the Clock.


Optima Freight Sent “Swan Lake” on Tour

Cargo of incredible beauty and value was sent for an international tour thanks to the alliance member in Finland


Our New Cargo Bites!

Transport company “Buro perevozok”, a member of ACEX Alliance, successfully delivered Siberian tiger from Vladivostok to the zoo in Rostov-on-Don.


Taipei International Airport Continued its Operation in Regular Mode

The project cargo delivery is considered to be one of the most difficult and interesting types of transportation.


"Cargo Expess" Shared its Professional Experience with Participants of “STL-2014”

Transportation of musical instruments for the Dutch Royal Orchestra - difficulties and solutions.


No Chicken was Harmed in the Transportation

7 thousand of breedy chickens were delivered from Moscow to Almaty safe and sound


All Roads Lead to the Crimea

New delivery ways to the peninsula Crimea are mastered by Russian forwarders.


Life Responsibility Load Laid Down on the Shoulders of ACEX

Transportation of rare animals listed in the Red Book, was successful


ACEX delivers national arts around the world

ACEX specialists shipped a ton of russian matryoshkas abroad


Famous fast food network becomes faster

ACEX experts deliver to Russia special devices for making the orders faster in the fast food restaurants.


ACEX provided snow for Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014

Company ACEX support Olympism and delivers all the necessary for athletes to Sochi


"Black gold" of Kazakhstan is now under control

Modern technological equipment, specially designed for the control and implementation of oil and gas extraction is delivered to the major oil-producing regions of Kazakhstan


New Crossfit System Sports Training Equipment

New Crossfit system sports training equipment has been delivered to Almaty from USA by ACEX.


Singular Musical Instruments Delivery

Singular musical instruments with a cost of more than 9,5 million Euro were sent from Moscow to Beijing within the world tour of the Royal Orchestra.


709 GOLAZ "Voyage" Buses Delivery

The contract for 709 intercity class GOLAZ "Voyage" buses delivery with the total value of more than 6 billion rubles was signed especially for the Sochi Olympic Games 2014.


Gas-Discharge Atomic Helium-Neon Lasers Delivery

Famous Russian lasers of the largest manufacturer of gas-discharge equipment were delivered to 36 countries.


Gas System Delivered to Light the Flame of the Universiade

The Flame of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 was lit in Kazan Arena stadium during the Opening Ceremony of the event…


ACEX Russia Started Cooperation with SULZER CHEMTECH

ACEX delivers stainless steel from India to Russia for SULZER CHEMTECH.


Multimodal delivery

Multimodal delivery of 36 ton hydraulic engine for "Pipeline Systems and Technologies" from the port of Shanghai to the port of St. Petersburg - Lobnya – Shchelkovo.


Delivery of 6000 Tons of Pipe Products

Delivery of 6000 tons of pipe products from TENARIS GLOBAL SERVICES.


Delivery of 36 Containers

Delivery of 36 containers for the Avantex company, leader of the Russian geotextile materials market, representing one single production line.


Delivery of Outsized lathes

Outsized lathes for building purposes were transported for the following  route:  Taiwan - Vostochny (Vladivostok) - Chelyabinsk.


Delivery of the Mechanical Equipment Produced by Litz Hitech Corporation

Delivery of the mechanical equipment produced by Litz Hitech Corporation from Taiwan to Chelyabinsk via Finland in April-May 2011.

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