Life Responsibility Load Laid Down on the Shoulders of ACEX

Transportation of rare animals listed in the Red Book, was successful


ACEX delivers national arts around the world

ACEX specialists shipped a ton of russian matryoshkas abroad


Famous fast food network becomes faster

ACEX experts deliver to Russia special devices for making the orders faster in the fast food restaurants.


ACEX provided snow for Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014

Company ACEX support Olympism and delivers all the necessary for athletes to Sochi


"Black gold" of Kazakhstan is now under control

Modern technological equipment, specially designed for the control and implementation of oil and gas extraction is delivered to the major oil-producing regions of Kazakhstan


New Crossfit System Sports Training Equipment

New Crossfit system sports training equipment has been delivered to Almaty from USA by ACEX.


Singular Musical Instruments Delivery

Singular musical instruments with a cost of more than 9,5 million Euro were sent from Moscow to Beijing within the world tour of the Royal Orchestra.


709 GOLAZ "Voyage" Buses Delivery

The contract for 709 intercity class GOLAZ "Voyage" buses delivery with the total value of more than 6 billion rubles was signed especially for the Sochi Olympic Games 2014.

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