ACEX Members Delivered Indian Bolide at Formula

Agency of Customs Logistics (Togliatti) and CARGO EXPRESS (Moscow) processed temporary importation of the racing car in the territory of Russia for participation in the student competition “Formula Student-2016”.


Alliance Members’ First Transportations in 2017 – from Helicopters to Khokhloma

How did the Alliance members start the year of 2017 and which transportations became the first ones?


The First CARGO EXPRESS Delivery Project in 2017 will Help Resuscitation Patients

12 tons of resuscitation beds for the Irkutsk regional hospital were delivered jointly by CARGO EXPRESS Irkutsk and Moscow offices.


ACEX Managed to Organize Urgent Transportation during New Year Holidays

Thanks to joint efforts of SLS Agency and Optima Freight the transportation of projectors was organized on the New Year eve.


Cooperation between Russian and American ACEX Alliance Members

CARGO-EXPRESS, Moscow, and MIG Express, the USA, accomplished the project on transportation of the Russian 3D attraction.


LTL Deliveries to Tundra

Ingstad, Lithuania, and Smart Logistic Solutions, Saint Petersburg, continue to develop successful cooperation on ACEX alliance basis representing the agency partnership growth example.


CARGO-EXPRESS (Irkutsk) Delivered Baikal Seals

14 seals from the lake Baikal were sent by CARGO-EXPRESS (Irkutsk), the member of ACEX Alliance, to the dolphinarium of Primorye.


The Biggest Sapphire, Weighting 300 kg, was Sent by CARGO EXPRESS

The crystal of artificial sapphire, grown under proprietary technology of the producer, is one of the biggest crystals in the world